Friday, January 30, 2009

Pineapple Tarts

Finally finally this year I am back into baking my pineapple tarts after a year's break! This Chinese New Year is too near to Xmas so didn't manage to start my baking early. Nonetheless, still squeezed out the time that I have and was quite proud of myself as this is also the first time I try cooking the pineapple myself instead of buying ready made ones.

Turn out was good, my girls and hubby all commented that it is nice. So encouraging, definitely will be going to make all self made pineapple tarts in future!


Didn't have a chance to try out cupcake.. the chance finally came when I decided to bake for my girl's birthday party. This is my first cupcake try.

Am pretty confident of the turnout, thus I finally decided to bake cupcakes for my girl's birthday. To make things easier for me, I bought the cupcake rings and used it as decoration.

All my past baking

Was too tied up for the past months. Would like to share with all what I baked during my maternity leave.

The chocolate fudge and strawberry mousse cake that I baked for my nephew and niece's birthday.

Pandan cake for my dad's birthday