Sunday, July 22, 2007

Going Bananas!! - Jul 22, 07

This weekend, I perfected the banana walnut cake. Also, using the banana walnut cake recipe, I did some tweak and added chocolate chip instead.. decided to make cup cake instead of the whole cake. The result turns out to be quite good and I like the softness in the cake.

We had some fun with this weekend's baking session. My friend's daughter joined us today in making the cookies together. I shared with the children the process of sieving the flour, mixing the batter, adding the egg and finally mixing the dough. Surprisingly, all are very co-operative. They finally had fun in putting the m&m's chocoloates onto the cookies. It was fun having kids together making cookies.

Only managed to take photos of the process of us making cookies as my older daughter complained of tummyache during the session, so did not manage to take more photos. Nonetheless, there is going to be next time!!

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