Sunday, July 15, 2007

Weekend is Here! - Jul 14, 07

Looking so forward to weekend.. so that I can bake yet again!! I had planned to try out my ricotta pancakes again, since last week it didnt turn out as well as I hope..

This time round, I thought it taste better, however, my bro felt that it seemed a little uncooked in the center.. Well, I thought it's cos of the rocotta, nonetheless, will try again next week I guess.

Jul 15, 07
We had many activites planned today with our girls - build sandcastles at east coast, house visiting at grandma's and also over at a friend's. By the time we are back home, its pretty late, luckily the girls slept so whilst they were sleeping, I managed to find time to bake a banana walnut cake and also prepared the ingredients for chocoloate muffin so that my girl can bake with me when she is up. So here goes, my first go at banana walnut cake.

Quite a success I would say, it turn out to be soft. A bit greedy on the walnuts though, gotta go easy on them.

And my chocolate chip cupcakes..


Home Baker said...
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Home Baker said...

Try using dark chocolate (>50%)chunk, it really make a difference. Use a good chocolate though!