Sunday, November 4, 2007

First Try at Decorated Cookies

Feeling the Christmas coming, with me attending the cookie class at Shermay's and also the christmas decorations are up on the streets.. I have decided to give the real cookies a try at decorating them, after much practicing on tracing paper. This time round, I am slightly adventurous and decided to try and use a little bit of colour - light pink, so that I can experience mixing colours as well.
Here goes, my snowflakes debut for christmas.

My girls want me to bake them the butterfly cookies, since it is a girly thing, I tried the pink colour as my first colour icing. When I first mixed the colour, I thought the pink looks so sweet, however, when I applied on the cookies, I realised that the pink is too light to create any contrast. Alas, lesson learnt, next time will have to add more colours I guess. Nonetheless, I decided to decorate with poka dots for fun. My girls love the cookies and of course, fussed over me when I was decorating them.

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