Sunday, September 16, 2007

Gorgeous Cakes

Having read so much about Shermay's Cooking School, I finally have a chance to attend one of the cooking class today conducted by Hannah Wong from the Patissier. This, incidentally, shall be my first and last class with her as she will no longer be conducting classes at the school. Nonetheless, I was very glad that I managed to get a seat and was very impressed with her - being so young and talented as well as being so frank and open in sharing her baking experience and tips with us.
We watched her bake the blackforest cake, Lactee Cherry Chocolate and Blueberry yoghurt. Of course, watching her bake seems easy and the result looks fabulous.. I can't wait for the next weekend to try out one of the mousse cake, or perharps with the blackforest first.
Very inspired by the bakes and hopefully I can replicate the same at home.

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Paw Paw said...

Helloo....happpened to chance yr blog. Wow! yr cakes looked stored bought. Money well
U have 2 pretty princesses.

Forever Friend said...

Thank you. I do feel that it is definitely money well spent too. Was glad to attend the class and also to learn more about the techniques of baking. This also inspire me to bake more!