Thursday, October 11, 2007

My very first creation of Mango mousse cake

This is my very first creation of the mango mousse cake. As it is Yvonne's birthday, I decided to give it a try and give it to her for her birthday. We put the cake to 'soften' as I put in the freezer earlier on, but then realised that it has melted at the sides, thus the photo did not turn out as nicely as I would like to. Nonetheless, the cake turned out well and I am happy with the results, though there is definitely room for improvement. Am going to give it another try this weekend for my bro in law's birthday.


FaYe said...

your blog will be definitely my guide and reference. You made lovely cakes. i wanted to bake black forest cake for a friend of mine but i don't have the recipe with me.. do you mind sharing your secret recipe? :) thanks

Forever Friend said...

Hi Faye, thanks, though I am also still learning and improving as I bake. Glad to share. Do give me your email address and I will forward you the recipe.